We are excited to announce that we will be participating in Big Vision Empty Lab's June Distribution Lab! 

What does this mean?!?! 

As we wrap up the final tweaks of the sound mix and power through our color correct, we will be pitching the film to sales agents, distributors, and others in Big Vision Empty Wallet's labs later this month. This is a huge opportunity, as it's the chance to being a conversation wtih distributors prior to our world premiere this fall. (Stay tuned for that!)

The Distribution Lab is held twice per year and is part of the Kickstart Diversity Program, which we are also a part of, which supports projects created by women, people of color and LGBT creators. 

This three-day distribution program is filled with intense education about distribution, audience building, pitching and partnerships, as well as panel discussions with distributors and platforms, and presentations from networks and sales agents. On the final day of events, select teams have a chance to have brief one-on-one meetings with distributors, networks and platforms. We're excited to be included!

Find out more at: http://bigvisionemptywallet.com/distribution-lab.

Stay tuned on news for our fall premiere, a teaser trailer and more excitement! You've all been so lovely and patient!


Team Gold Star