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Directed by Victoria Negri



Victoria Negri's "Gold Star" Film

Victoria Negri is a 30-year old filmmaker from New Haven. She wrote, directed, produced, and acted in her first feature-length movie called “Gold Star.” Even though she was a novice, she managed to cast Oscar-nominated actor, Robert Vaughn as the star. 


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The 2017 Phoenix Film Festival Special Report

"...there are two important reasons to see Gold Star: One; the chance to see Robert Vaughn for his final performance, and, two; for Victoria Negri. As a performer, she possesses a naturally engaging screen presence that draws notice, but it’s as an emerging filmmaker – a writer/director/producer – that deserves our attention most of all."

Valley Screen and Stage


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Phoenix Film Festival 2017: Don't Miss These 10 Must-See Movies'

"Vicki is not doing well. She's dropped out of college, her father is very ill, and she's lost all direction in life. But just when Vicki is about to give up, her life takes a dramatic turn..."

Phoenix  New Times


'Oxford Film Festival Announces Winners at the Powerhouse'

Victoria Negri wins a Hoka Award for Best Acting in the film 'Gold Star'...

Oxford Eagle


Gold Star Named one of the '5 Most Anticipated Films at the 14th Annual Oxford Film Festival'



'Remembering Robert Vaughn, My Movie Dad'

Victoria Negri recalls the close relationship she developed with the late actor on her directorial debut, in which he played her real-life father.

The Talkhouse


'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' star Robert Vaughn, NYC-born film and TV veteran, dead at 83

"He knew this wasn’t going to be the type of film where he’d get a trailer, but he was such a humble person with no ego. Even at 81, he was trying to do something new every day.”



Remembering Robert Vaughn: His Final Film is My First Feature

"Actor Robert Vaughn passed away today. One of his final acts was appearing in my film, and I'm forever humbled."



Awards Chatter Podcast - Robert Vaughn ("Gold Star")

The 83-year-old Oscar nominee and Emmy winner on Natalie Wood and Paul Newman's influence on his career, the unexpected success of the...

The Hollywood Reporter


Lights, Camera, And A Bit More Action At Gaylord Hospital

Gaylord Hospital was under the spotlight Monday but that was all part of the act...



Orange Native Back Home To Tell Father’s Tale Through Film

The last time Victoria Negri walked the halls of Gaylord Hospital, it was to visit her elderly father, Carmine, who was trying to recover from the effects of a stroke...

The New Haven Register


Indie Film Shot At Gaylord Hospital

Lying on a hospital bed in Room 109 of Gaylord Hospital Monday was Oscar-nominated actor Robert Vaughn...

My Record Journal


Trio Of Local Female Filmmakers Hope To Make Mark In Movie Industry

A trio of female filmmakers has come together to create a unique film, as they look to become leaders in an industry started by men...

The Queens Courier


Episode 30: Victoria Negri

in this episode we interview writer/director/actress Victoria Negri about her feature film debut "Gold Star", adapting life into script, and Kickstarting your film...

The Zach & Zack Podcast


A Conversation With "Gold Star" Director Victoria Negri

This September, Victoria Negri, an actress who has been involved with films and television, will be making her directing debut when she films "Gold Star" in Orange, Conn...